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Nikky Shah Nikky Shah on 28-Aug-2015 03:34 PM
Sorry I forgot to add: May Allah accept all your hard work for charity, for orphans, for your time and dedication to helping others and serving humanity. Ameen. May Allah bless you in abundance. Ameen :)

Nikky Shah Nikky Shah on 28-Aug-2015 03:29 PM
Salam all and Salam brother Habib Malik. I pray you are in the best of Imaan, health, family and work etc. I have know brother Habib for several years now through and with Islamic Relief. I have admired his hard work, strength, dedication, commitment and time and I have always been inspired by him and his positive aura not forgetting the warmth of his smile at every event I met him at or worked with. A true leader and motivator mA. I highly admire and have the utmost respect for u brother Habib. You are a true Diamond in the making. It's been a great pleasure knowing you, thank you for all your tips and advice. Much appreciated. I wish you the best of success in whatever u do and iA hope that we will continue to stay in touch whether you're in the UK, Pakistan, Australia or anywhere else for that matter.
Nikky from England
Iftikar Mian Iftikar Mian on 24-Apr-2015 04:59 AM

Dear readers i've know Habib bhai and his family for a good number of years, however only recently had the pleasure of working on a project in Aberdeen for Alhikmah Foundation... in which he has advised and helped raise over £750k in less that 18 months Alhamdulillah.

Full of brilliant fundraising ideas, gives his absolute all and completely selfless... he is the real deal !

Allah has gifted this brother with an amazing ability (to fundraise and help others) may Allah reward him in abundance in this life and the hereafter.



Wa Salaam
Mohammed Akhtar Mohammed Akhtar on 03-Mar-2015 01:36 PM
Sometimes you can spend a lifetime with someone and Still don't get to know them, Sometimes you meet someone for the first time and it seems and feels as if you've known them all your life , brother Habib I've only known you for few months but your just a true, sincere , humble and a caring gentleman. I want to thank you on behalf of myself and all the staff and especially the orphans in the care of KORT for firstly visiting is in Mirpur and secondly for going out of your way to help raise funds for these underprevleged and orphaned children. We pray that ALLAH swt gives you and your family all the success and happiness in your life. Ameen
Rabia Ikram Rabia Ikram on 03-Jun-2014 10:30 AM
Brother Habib did a great job for READ Foundation, hosting and fundraising for our ‘Build A School’ dinner in Derby.
Alhamdulillah we raised enough to build a new school for orphans and needy children!
Thank you Habib Bhai”
Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of State Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of State on 22-May-2014 08:53 AM
RT Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state
Yorkhill - Children Charity Yorkhill - Children Charity on 18-Mar-2014 05:30 PM
Yorkhill - Children Charity
anonymous anonymous on 14-Feb-2014 09:48 AM
"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders" I feel this quote fits to Mr Habib Malik.

What I think is that is actually a tribute to all the aid workers,humanitarians, volunteers,sick people, down trodden ,poverty stricken and disaster stricken people all over the world by Mr Malik. I may run short of the words while commenting in this section of website because the person ,I want to write about is a multi dimensional personality and character.It really seems impossible to express all what I know and feel about his services in the field of humanitarianism. The prestige , honor and gratitude of Mr Malik owes purely to his dedication, devotion,passion and hard work in the non profit world. He stands there as an example of great passion and perseverance.

He is an active and alert person who is always ready to undertake any task even in the face of odds. He has served millions of people selflessly and it's his man- loving nature and purity of action that have earned him alot of place in everyone's heart across the globe. He has excellent qualities of head and heart. An amazing fundraiser and a skillful orator, Mr Malik has moved million of hearts to donate for poor and needy around the globe. I could see via this website that He manages a great chain of volunteers and staff so effectively as a great proof of his leadership qualities. He is a mentor, guide, teacher, leader and volunteer at the same time. It is the charisma of his versatile personality that he enjoys great love,respect and honour from people all over the world. He is total inspiration . Very down to earth and humble person who never indulges himself in worldly fame and personal gain. He has seen equally taking interest in the problems of men,women, children, old and young.

His active presence on social media also makes him unique among many. His travelling stories are not only stating and presenting his work and services but also educating others as well about the painful conditions ,the humanity is passing through even in this modern ERA. May Allah give him courage,health and strength to continue serving the humanity.
I wish him all the success,love and prosperity.
May God bless him.
Lubna Malik Lubna Malik on 25-Sep-2013 01:00 PM
I closely follow your work and travels. I must say you come across very passionate personality and love your work. You are a true humanitarian with a real heart for the poor people. I am following you on twitter and look forward to see and read more of your inspirational work.
Salman Tahir Salman Tahir on 14-May-2013 09:58 AM
Brother Habib did a great job hosting and fundraising a dinner to raise money for the refurbishment of Dunfermline masjd. He and Ajmal Masroor make a great double act! JAK, it was mostly appreciated.